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so much at stake. we're covering it. just like i told you, we're not red or blue, we're green. man, oh, man, are they wasting a lot of it. see you tonight. captioned by, closed captioning services, inc. >> hello, everyone. it's 5:00 on the east coast. this is "the five." a big show tonight. another alleged sex scandal rocks the democratic party. we'll tell you about the latest erratic behavior from oregon congressman david wu. plus, outrage in texas tonight after a houston cemetery director tries to censor the words "god" and" jesus" from funeral services. then the hbo show "true blood" takes a bite out of fox news. "the five" starts right now. >> president obama is set to address the nation tonight at 9:00 p.m. over the debt
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stalemate. let's start with the latest on that. i noticed that he's going to give the at the same time tonight from the east room, which probably means that jay carney has finally kicked him out of the briefing room, he has to find another place to do it. i thought that if you're going to announce something, you would announce a deal, but instead it sounds like they'll talk about the stalemate. andrea, what do you think he says tonight? >> that's such a good point, why if you don't have a deal why would you come out and address the nation? i think he's caving to the pressure we've heard all day long, that he was silent all weekend. i think he's also caving to the pressure that john boehner said, he's concerned about his image so he needs to go out on the offensive and demagogue republicans. fact is he caved because of pressure from his own party. >> first of all, demonizing
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republicans -- >> you used to do it for a living. >> it all fell apart. >> here's what happened. it's interesting. boehner said he wanted to go along with the deal, and he went back to his caucus and of course he couldn't get them to go along. at the same time cantor is breathing over his back -- >> i don't think that happened. there was a false sense that boehner would be able to deal on tax hikes. >> what would you advise the president to say? >> if i could finish my point here, obama ran into a buzz saw with the democrats, because as skepticism here, you did have entitlement cuts, and they asked me to make a couple phone calls. they asked me to make a couple,
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and i called one -- i'm not saying what state she's from. >> can we play a rhyming game? >> no, you grant, first of all, i'd love to have her meet you. she'd scare the hell out of you. >> and what happened? >> i don't think in the end he could deliver the votes on the democratic side. >> that's right. >> boehner couldn't either. here's what he said to boehner, from somebody in the room. he said, john, i'm getting heat from my side. can you get $400 billion more? john said, i don't think he can. he went back, he didn't get it, but here's where he made his big mistake. why boehner did not return the president of the united states' calls. reminded me of newt gingrich. >> he forgot the number. you know when you have a cellphone, and -- he forgot the number. >> you know about that as a negotiating technique.
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if you want to send a message, nothing is more potent than not returning a phone call. if it's the president of the united states, and you don't return it, you're sending a message to him. >> you're about the only person i know that wouldn't return the president's call. >> apparently i'm in the same company of john boehner. >> apparently they were sending every 8 1/2 years. and president obama did the press conferences two hours before the meeting. let's listen to john boehner just within the hour talking about his side of the story. >> it's not cut, cap and balance, but it is built on the principles of cut, cap and balance that can pass the united states senate as well as the united states house. time's running short. i'm urging my house colleagues to support it. i'm urging my senate colleagues to support it as well. i think it would be irresponsible for the president to veto such legislation. >> one of the things that has been rumored and the white house
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has sort of put it out there, is that president obama will make an argument that he can do this constitutionally through the 14th amendment on his own. a lot of back and forth on this. judge, what say you? >> i think he's on very shaky ground if he does that tonight, without getting too much into the weeds. 14th amendment is one of the amendments written after the civil war. the southern states were returning to the united states of america. there was a huge detect, a federal debt. what did that debt consist of? loans that had been made to the lincoln administration to fight the civil war. so the government was concerned the southern states would say, that was not our debt. that was money used to shoot at our soldiers. so that clause was put in the 14th amendment so that every state in the union would be forced to recognize the federal government's debt, and no state could say -- >> what does that mean now? >> that means at this president does not have authority to go out and borrow money on his own. >> far be it for me to argue with the honorable judge, but your history is exactly right, and it was to try to keep the southerners in the mix here.
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they didn't have to pay a lot of that debt, by the way. but the fact is you're talking about money that's been appropriated by the congress and signed by some president, whether democrat or republican -- the idea that this debt ceiling that, the tea party has convinced us about future spending. it's about paying off debt. >> wait a minute, wait a minute. >> the presidents have gone to raise the debt ceiling. no president, not woodrow wilson, franklin roosevelt, bill clinton tried to -- >> at least in boston they had the tea around, now they're throwing the economy overboard. >> go ahead. >> i was going to say this reminds me a lot of that show "intervention." ever watch it? >> no. >> yes. >> i have a lot in common. tearthetarget is resistant, he s talking to his friends, saying, no, i'm fine, i'm fine. this is not a debate. it's an intervention against spending. right now you have a president
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who's addicted to spending, and the republicans are -- >> oh, that's ridiculous. >> wait a minute. >> i was through three or four intentions myself. >> do you want to tell us about those? >> i don't mind telling you about them. none of them worked till the last one. [laughter] >> that's not a bad analogy actually. there's no new spending. >> wait, wait, excuse me. the appropriations process of the united states, this year, in fy-11, the appropriations committees have not introduced a single new spending bill. why? because it's deadly political. >> can i ask if you think republicans have won this thing? >> oh, no. no, no, no. >> i think they absolutely have. they have two bills on the table, two proposals. both don't include tax increases. it looks like the tea party and john boehner are winning here. >> if you want to lay claim to the tea party, which i think for your party is disastrous -- >> they've completely changed
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the narrative of this whole debate. you wish you had this on the left. >> i do not, because i don't want anarchists on the left. >> because of the tea party, john boehner is the speaker of the house of representatives. the tea party is there because millions of people voted for members of congress who said, i'm not going to let the government borrow another nickel. >> do you think it was between cantor and john boehner, john boehner would win the tea party vote? >> no. >> cantor is out after his job. >> what are they going after? >> i think one of the things that's interesting is that you now have a president who is going to sign a bill that will not have tax increases. something he said he would not do. >> uh-huh. >> you also, five months ago, had the president of the united states call for a lean debt limit vote. he won't get that either. so to me the tea party, whatever you think of them, have been disk. >> they're fighting over timelines now. >> by december 31 --
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>> there's a short-term deal he said he wouldn't sign either. >> i like the feel of your hand on my arm, but there will be tax increases by december 31 when this commission gets done. >> let me ask you about tonight. >> or there will be nothing. >> the president called you up and says, what would you have me say to the american public tonight? >> i managed walter mondale to a 49-state loss, the largest in american history, and now i'm on tv as a political expert. it's a great country. i don't give advice. >> that was great for america. what you did was great for america. >> unless it's suggest don't know, you don't speak about it unless you have positive something to say. >> you certainly don't do it from the east room of the white house. >> why does it matter? >> for example, i remember when president bush did the first oval address on immigration at 9:00 p.m. for the american people. it just matters in that it ratchets up. >> uh-huh.
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>> that's where they have the christmas parties, too, in the east room. i know, because i passed out under the christmas tree in the carter administration. >> i need to hear more of that. >> guys, we're going to move on. we just got started, which is very heated, very fun, but we have to take a quick break and be right back. don't forget, we want to hear from you. email us at  [ male announcer ] everywhere your pet goes
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>> ♪ >> i like it. welcome back to fox. >> listen, president obama said that the media -- blames the media for the divide going on in the country. he said among other things that -- >> always blaming someone else. >> well, he could blame you. >> he has. >> that liberals only read "the new york times," conservatives only watch fox.
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mr. president, i know you, love you, i support you, but i don't read "the new york times," i'm a liberal, and i'm on fox. i'm not the right guy. i'm not sure that's exactly right. i haven't done a lot of polling here. there's a lot of people who are democrats who watch fox. any americans, this is your bailiwick -- >> well, i read all of it. i'm a voracious news consumer. but i have happen to think that greg had the best point. this is not really about a divide in the country. it's a slam at fox news. >> the idea in a splintered media is basically whining about the fact that there's a new entity in the last 10 years that is strayed away from the lockstep of mainstream media. >> right. >> before there was fox, you never had this discussion, because the centrist of the left owned the ball, owned the playground. they owned the players, they owned the audience. if a conservative went in there, no one would let them play. fox is the new team. they beat the crap out of everybody, and now they have to
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deal with it. >> the president's argument is correct, both sides are being represented. >> yeah, exactly. >> the conservatives can watch fox. >> why don't we hear what president obama had to say so we can know what we're talking about. >> you've got a media that's become much more splint earned. those of you who are of a democratic persuasion are only reading "the new york times" and watching msnbc. if you're on the right, then you're only reading the "wall street journal" editorial page and watching fox news. >> even if you thought that, why would you say -- >> i read "the new york times" and then use it as a toilet paper. >> isn't that simplistic for him to assume that people only -- >> yes. first of all, i want to thank dana for doing my job. i was out for a day. i'm a football player. first of all, the president ought to know, when he talks
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about that, i don't know of six people that watch msnbc, but, you know, i don't want to pick on a rival, because they're not a rival. they're like a kindergartener playing baseball against the yankees. okay, having said that -- how are you, chris? but i think there is something to be said -- and the blogosphere it's dominated by the right. >> what blogs do you look at? what do you mean dominated by the right? >> i read that right wing trash as often as i can. >> democratic underground and -- >> not to mention media matters. >> they galvanized bush. they helped defeat bush. >> can i put a different gloss on this? is it not typical for politicians when things aren't going their way to blame the coverage they're getting? >> sure. >> "the washington post" poll shows 80% of this country is
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divided. and i think that it's ironic we just watched a president talk about these divisions, which he has contributed to. i mean, you listen to the language republicans get to the back of the bus. i mean, he has divided the country further than we've ever been. >> no president has been under assault like this one has. [laughter] >> bob, come on. >> what about the poll about white voters. let me try to educate people both in our audience about this. >> thank you very much, bob. >> you're very welcome. here's the deal. they said, here's the big news. white voters are going toward republicans and minorities are going toward democrats. let me explain something to you. about this time out from the presidential election this starts to firm up. republicans always win white voters and democrats always win by much bigger margins minority voters. >> i don't think john mccain would agree with you on that. >> well, first of all, i don't agree with this poll -- i think he won bigger than two points, but he did win among whites. i think it was four points.
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but let's remember that obama took 60% of the hispanic vote and he took 98% of the black vote. the one guy that -- i'll give bush credit for this. the one guy who understood hispanic voters was george bush. they should are listened to him, because when they got in tancredo, the idiot that keeps running about building 14-foot walls on the border, drove hispanics away. >> i made a mistake earlier when i said the web beat mccain, not bush. this is a hard poll to believe in, because there are whites that say they vote for obama because it sounds good. so that might -- that gulf might be larger. then you have blacks who say they vote for obama because it would sound traitorrist if they didn't. >> that latter one, you're not right on. we factor those in, believe it or not, into the equation, and we do think there's a certain percent who do that, but in blacks -- >> he has dropped in his
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support, not among african americans, but among women and -- >> what? >> i don't think the hispanic vote is solidified. >> you know something, i want to say something, on friday my dear, good friend juan williams sat in this seat against an outragoutrageous barrage of peo. he has a new book coming out "the assault on honest debate." welcome back, brother. i can't handle these people myself.
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>> welcome back to "the five." all right, if you thought the anthony weiner scandal was bizarre, wait till you hear this one. congressman david wu is the focus of a new ethics investigation for allegations that he had an unwanted sexual encounter with an enjoy daughter of one of his donors. this is a picture of congressman wu. this picture featured crouching tiger hidden congressman. this picture prompted seven staff tears resign. he's had a history of erratic behavior. >> is this halloween or does he show up to work like this? >> first of all, who were people singing that song? how come i'm the only one that doesn't have a read? >> i don't have a read. that was off the top of my head. >> it was? >> yes. >> damn, you're smart. the problem with the wu thing is, this woman, why did she wait
2:26 pm
a year to come out and make these allegations? if this was such an affront to her, if he was doing -- if he was switchin sexually harassingy should have come out. a complaint that comes out a year later. >> the ethics committee is going to look into this. he's had a history of strange behavior. he blamed it before on marital issues that he's had, abu do you really expect the ethics committee to dig up anything? >> no. i also think if it's possible criminal behavior, it shouldn't be the ethics committee looking at it, it should be a prosecutor -- >> he has a right to have the criminal case decided first, is what i think you'll say. he's innocent until proven guilty. >> i was going to say that all congressmen should dress in those furry outfits. >> that's how we picture them anyway. >> it would be much more entertaining for america to watch them argue bills if they were dressed like that.
2:27 pm
>> dressed up like superman? >> the guy on the floor of the house, i remember the one with the bag over his head. by the way, if they all wore your ties -- >> when it's an underage woman, i don't think you can criticize what went. maybe she did tell something, and they told her -- >> if she was or is a staffer, then you have legislation that prohibits inappropriate contact, whether criminal or not, with someone with whom you worked. the next committee has an obligation to investigate. >> i don't know 82 wait. >> i don't -- i don't know why you wait. >> i don't know either. >> how is the ethics committee at the house qualified to look into something like this? >> well, the constitution says that each house shall judge the qualifications of each member. >> i know, but last week they had to announce that the house ethics committee was having to outsource and get a new investigator from outside in
2:28 pm
order to investigate representative maxine waters. why are they paying their salaries in the first place? >> that's right. he's talking to his lawyers, to see if he should resign on his own. in the past, when he was in college, there were allegations made against him. speaking of more allegations, another sex scandal. dominique strauss-kahn, the maid that accused hi her in a hotel m has taken it mainstream. judge, does this help her case? >> this destroys the government's case. had this is the last thing the government wants is for the media telling everybody what happened. every time she speaks it's a slightly version she tells, slightly different from a prior version. the government doesn't want this to happen. i've known cases where witnesses threatened to go to the media, and the they've tried to keep the witness in jail until -- >> haven't they basically dismissed the case?
2:29 pm
>> the fact that they've let her speak about it tells me that -- >> the sad part about this, i thought it was great, because we'd get a frenchman -- i still want to know where they beat a tunnel in that place. >> let's listen to the maid. >> be fair. >> i'm so sorry, he turn my head, he come to me and grab my breast. no! i was so afraid, so scared. >> what do you want? >> i want justice. i want him to go to jail. >> she waited also. she went and cleaned one or two other rooms before she went to the police and report this alleged rape. >> she reminds me of a fortuneteller i used to have, but she gave me bad fortunes so i fired her. here's the thing, she has money in offshore accounts she found, conversations with drug dealers. why in the world are you hanging around this case? >> it's rumored that she's trying to influence the da's
2:30 pm
office, new york city da's house, which is historically, judge, i'm sure you well know, will not be influenced by media pressure. >> ought not. >> greg, what do you make of this? >> i see two types of corruption going on here from two different worlds. if she's indeed not telling the truth, it's the basic kind of drifting that you see all over within areas of prosecution, if indeed she's lying. then there's other corruption. >> what's that? >> plain arrogant old world power. a guy demands basically whatever he wants. my feeling is he had sex with her, and he didn't pay because he didn't feel he had to. >> aren't you glad you weren't a fly on the wall looking at those two? >> yeah. >> i'm serious. looks like schwarzenegger just a little bit. >> i'm uncomfortable blaming the victim. >> me, too. i still don't know. this guy has a sexual history that's pretty atrocious. >> and he's french.
2:31 pm
>> nevertheless, the evidence against him is now so weak that the government will -- >> that's right. >> he's had so many lucky chances, so many chances. >> we'll leave it up to a court and another judge. this judge has already ruled for today. thanks. "the five" will be right back. stay put. @
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>> bret baier in washington. the big story today, two plans to extend the debt ceiling, and the president scheduling an a press conference to address the issue. tonight on "special report," the details on the proposal. reed wants enough borrowing power to last until 2013. the president plans to address the nation tonight at 9:00 eastern. speaker boehner will speak after that. we'll have live coverage. the self-confessed perpetrator of friday's terror attacks in norway was in court today. we'll tell you what he had to say. police reduced the initial death toll from 93 to 76. and more news about the nfl lockout. all of that on "special report"
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starting at 6:00 eastern. now back to new york and "the five." ♪ >> who is that? who picks this music? >> obviously not you. welcome back to "the five." the people of norway suffered a tragedy over the weekend when it's alleged that anders bay b g breivik blew up a building and killed people.q?íjyxz he says there's two other cells. >> it's a bit strange he would be able to do this by myself, but he's already trying to be painted as a right wing extremist, that he read right
2:37 pm
wing blogs. i think it's disgraceful that "the new york times" -- what "the new york times" is trying to paint him, the way they've written their articles today, as if he was some kind of rational human being, very sane, and he was reading republican blogs, and he's a fundamentalist christian. that's not the case absolutely at all. they also downplayed this and basically said, you know, tried to play up the oklahoma city bombings and make a comparison, and allege we should start to forget about the 9/11 attacks. >> how about nobody on that island had the ability to shoot back at him and stop him? >> here we go. john wayne is back in the room. >> do you have a problem with that? >> yes, i have a problem. what's amazing to me, the gun nuts in this country immediately jump on this and say, if everybody had a gun, the guy could have been shot. >> should we cut the second
2:38 pm
amendment out of the constitution? >> yes, we should. >> excuse me. last year in norway, there were 500 murders. in the united states there were 10,543. norway restricts guns. we do not. case closed. >> case closed. >> why did it take the police 90 minutes to get there? is it nobody there had the right to carry a handgun under norwegian law, and human beings were slaughtered because -- >> here's a simple thing. there's a midpoint from where you are and from where i'm at. fact is, that was an island that took 90 minutes for people to get there during that time people were killed. i work in a building that's protected by armed guards. my life isn't any more valuable than those lives. there's a statistic that shows the amount of carnage at the beginning of an attack is directly related to when the second gun arrives. when another gun arrives, the amount of casualties is diminished. >> before we move on to green
2:39 pm
jobs, maximum time in jail 21 years. not per death. 21 years for the whole thing. maximum addition to the 21, five. so the most he can serve is 26 years in jail and no death penalty. >> that will change. i think that the norwegians will probably already -- the first thing -- >> it can't change ex post facto. >> they can worry about the prosecution later, but right now they need to untangle the webs they can, find out who else was working with him. >> norway won't change. the sanity of that country has led to very few murders. >> the insanity of their gun laws have led to innocents being slaughtered. >> one time, one time. >> one death is not enough? >> have you been out in chicago lately? it happens every night. >> they have gun control laws that have helped them. >> if someone shoots up a fast-food convention in vegas, is it okay to blame michelle obama's policies toward unhealthy food? >> depends on what kind of fast-food is.
2:40 pm
no. i don't think you ought to have guns at all. >> i got make a correction. 76 were killed. should we support green jobs if they occur outside the united states? >> yes, if it wasn't for the fact we're so far behind other nations on green united states. it's going to china and europe. we're falling way behind. >> do you think it has to do with the fact that the united states has the highest corporate tax rate in the world? >> no. i think it's because you don't believe in good a good light ga. >> what's a green job? >> the best green job is homer simpson working at a power plant. that's a green job. bill gates says -- >> not only bill gates, but the guy who founded greenpeace is
2:41 pm
for nuclear energy. >> i'm for nuclear energy. >> in new york, you have indian point, up for relicensing this year, also happens to be on a fault line, and also this year we had a terrible -- >> is mike bloomberg crazy to invest millions of his own dollars? >> here's the issue with mike bloomberg, mike bloomberg likes to put his money and support against strange things. he's against tonight if he's going to against coal plants, he needs to figure out another alternative that works. >> i grew up to the oldest nuclear power plant in america. >> where? you turned out fine, bob. >> i swam in it in february because the water was warm, and that's why they think i'm a liberal. >> mayor bloomberg does support the relicensing of indian point. if they want the new york economy to thrive -- >> if the french can figure it out, we can figure it out. >> if they don't relicense it,
2:42 pm
it will cost the state a fortune. >> it's 25% of new york state's energy. it's an example of how warped our thinking is on energy, and the advances that american companies have made on clean bowl are tremendous. so i think that the -- on clean coal are tremendous. so i think that the money he gives -- >> money not welcome. >> they're telling me we've got to go. coming up on "the five," the government's plan to dictate your diet to you. don't miss this one. don't forget to email your thoughts to becca will read the emails.
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>> ♪ wasting away in margaritaville ♪ >> was i wasting away? >> right here at this table. >> i'm going to start now, bob. >> i'm sorry. >> don't start playing poker. >> i'm not going to play poker welcome back to "the five." in sunday's "new york times," they suggest forgetting soda, to
2:47 pm
subsidize public service announcements. yes, those work. this is based on the idea that government is smart, you're stupid, so they can tax your idiot vices. notice the scold never offer their own vices for taxation. i'm sure bittman eats at gourmet joints, so why not tax goose liver or linens? or every time someone buys "the times," we make them read a book. the tax is your punishment which funds things like soymilk, sprouts, and unitarreds. those are stupid. people will end up paying more
2:48 pm
for their coca-cola because coke adds life, unlike creeps like bittman. >> what the hell unitard? >> the thing you wear when you go home. >> the guys that wear bicycles, wear the euro trash outfits with helmets, i want to drive them off the road. >> greg has a really good point. the question being, why is it that the elite should get to choose what's taxed? >> right. a gourmet restaurant -- a gourmet meal has a couple thousand calories in it. it's high fat. yet they point at mcdonald's. >> why should the government which can't deliver the mail tax our food and try and tell us what to do? who is the government to tell us what to eat? >> let me make a serious point here. michelle obama, i'll defend her over and over again, childhood obesity is an epidemic in this country. you'll pay more money -- >> we don't want to use the
2:49 pm
money. >> you're frozen in the '50s, judge, as simple as that. i love you, but you're frozen in the 50s. would you want to be in a courtroom if he was a judge? are you kidding me? >> you can't find a city in america that isn't trying to find more revenue sources. >> that's right. >> one of the problems is they keep going back to the same well. they don't want to tax soda so that they can then put all this money into nutritional programs. they want to tax soda so they can pay for pensions. >> why tax food that's eaten by a class of people that can least afford the thing? >> it's the new cool thing. they have a food fetish. there's more bizarre taxes. i don't believe that the u.s. tax code should be used as a weapon to influence behavior. there's a fresh market down on the lower east side, you can get wild salmon, something that would cost us a lot of money, you can use food stamps there. >> and people from the south bronx are going to go down there.
2:50 pm
>> that's the point. with it? >> a lot. >> i'm saying, you're going to let people go to -- i've never been there. >> whole foods? >> too many good things in it. >> i know. >> why not tax the hell out of them? why should a bureaucrat tell you what to eat? >> isfdd;z7trzi&i6igfgkj3qqmxzk ocassio, told a veterans group to stop using the terms "jesus christ" or "god$t3(:gl funeral services. >> this is aápuç government cemetery? >> i believe it was one bureaucrat. and i think she banned some volunteer groups from using these words. what do you make this? >> i think it's outrageous, to
2:51 pm
ban the use of word "god" or "jesus christ" at a funeral, the more the government starts to control, you have state-funded hospitals, federally-funded hospitals. before you know it, the clergy won't be allowed to read you your last rites. >> oh, come on. this woman is on her way borneo. you blame the whole government? >> is it a mistake? >> of course it's a mistake. taking "jesus" and "god" out of a cemetery? enough of us have enough trouble getting there as it is. >> do you agree with andrea, that it's wrong? >> it's terrible. >> then why are they still doing it? >> they are not still doing it. >> they have been consistently. it wasn't just an oops. >> i've worked with you for five years. this is one of your classic moves. it's one woman who did it, and she's probably ben fired or
2:52 pm
muzzled. >> i got to scold bob. we got a lot of emails about the norway segment from viewers, who said there's higher murders per capita than in the united states. >> wrong, wrong, wrong. my research -- >> possess what greg said is true, what the emailer said is true, would you change your mind? or are you so against guns that -- >> i'm against you having a gun, that's for sure. >> i think we're using your numbers, that's what we found, that it's higher per capita. >> i probably gave the numbers wrong, which is not surprising. i was a middle linebacker for a lot of years. but as a percentage, it is much, much smaller because of gun control. >> hmm. >> i think a lot of people with facts disagree. >> let's all boo. >> why don't you get a bazooka? >> oh, the bazooka again. all right, more of "the five" straight ahead. ♪ so benny, i'm proud of you. welcome to the 21st century.
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♪ >> welcome back to "the five." you're listening to amy winehouse's song "rehab." sad story over the weekend, but maybe not altogether unpredictable one, where amy winehouse probably died of an overdose. not altogether unpredictable, right? >> it's not funny at all. we were sitting together at a meeting talking about her. here's the great tragedy. i've both watched in my drinking career, in my sober career, hundreds and hundreds of people who die. you know they're going. in her case, you knew she was
2:58 pm
going. you knew that john bell lucci was going. the thing that's so hard, to know they're going, you try to get them to stop. she knew she was going to die. she was told, because your body demands it. >> is there some biological dependency that it's impossible for her to stop on her own? >> yes, absolutely. the reason the judges keep letting lindsay lohan walk,s is because she's reached that point that -- a great talent. whether it'here's a massive per, and filled with booze and drugs. is it all the time -- i take people to rehab all the time. i had a woman i took to rehab who was taking 80 -- 80 vicodins a day. >> all right. >> we got to jump in, because i got to show you this clip. this was from last night.
2:59 pm
true blood. >> this is about the blood? >> yeah. >> vampires have often found it advantageous to maintain a hidden presence in humanity's most powerful institutions. in the 1600s, that was the catholic church. today, as you all know, it's google and fox news. >> greg, the insult to fox news. we were watching this last night. >> this guy attacked google, the catholic chunks and focatholic . >> we can't talk about that. >> i'm not going to defend guns. >> what idiot came up with that? i hope that film dies. >> you could also say in a way it could be flattering, right? >> well -- >> and the catholic church? >> i tell you what was not flattering when they asked everybody at this table to put these things on, and the only two idiots who it are us. you wouldn't do it. >> the

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